How do I book a group study room?

How do I book a group study room?

At the library there are group study rooms with computers. Only students and doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet can book the rooms.

To book a study room you have to log on to our website using your student account/KI-ID.

Book a group study rooms or see today bookings

Rules for using the group study rooms in the library

  • If a group of two or more people is not using the room within 15 minutes after the first hour you have booked, your entire booking (that first hour and all hours that follow) is forfeit and other students are free to use the room for the hours you have booked.
  • A study room can be booked by a minimum of two people studying at undergraduate or doctoral level at Karolinska Institutet.
  • You can book a maximum of eight hours.
  • You can book a study room three weeks in advance.

Our group study rooms are very popular. Please cancel your booking (from the my bookings page) if you no longer need the study room so that other students can use it instead.
No bookings or cancellations will be made by the library staff.

If you are a teacher and wish to book a room, special rules apply.

Contact us at the information desk, 08-524 840 00 or if you have any questions or problems.

Group rooms in other parts of the campuses

There are many group rooms on campus in addition to those provided by the library. Generally, there are no computers and screens in these rooms. You can book these rooms by using KI's booking system TimeEdit. More information about booking these group rooms (in Swedish only).

In Solna there are group rooms on floor 4 and floor 6 at Berzelius väg 3 (same house as the library). There are also many group rooms in Hus 75.

In Flemingsberg there are group rooms in "Staden", the area behind the restaurant and the pub in ANA8.

Processing of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Karolinska Institutet University Library processes your personal information (such as name, email and phone number) when you book a group room or an appointment for help with information searching or academic writing. Read more about the library's policy regarding the processing of personal information.